Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Butterfly effect.

"Butterfly effect can be defined as the propensity of a system to be sensitive to the initial conditions."

~ Wikipedia

This is the only phinomin i know in Chaos theory.

On that unfaithful day, I along with my friend had gone to play basket ball in the city auditorium.The game was supposed to be short :- it was one-on-one. He was behind me by 5 baskets and ball was playing gymnastics under his hand.

" This one is for Rithika" he shouted while shooting the basket.

" Hey i already put a basket for her...thats not fair" I pleaded.And as unfair it was, I was racing to get out of the D after collecting the rebound. One out, i charged in to the center. He, as usual, was in his tenacious and technically offensive defense to counter my charge.

"This is for the new girl with the blue eyes", he jumped to his limit but ball eluded him once more to get inside its beloved hoop. one more added to the total tally he needed to close the game."Okay boss, winner take it all - golden basket", he gave his wicked smirk.

"It only 5:15, and i am leading!!!" I protested.

"Dont you remember about the project Viva?" he asked.

The pace wasn’t that high but we were sweating. He was better of in terms of stamina, so I thought for a sec but then its only a game.‘Ok lets go for the golden basket….i know I am going to lay it today" - I beamed with confidence.

"mate, I don’t know why.. but you always fail in the end ……just as you are going to be now" His cacophonic voice echoed the court.He was right I always made it to last but get fumbled in the last step. But today I was not in a leave like that…..

"Lettttttttttttttttttttttsssssssssssssssssss starrrrrrrrrrrrrrt……….. "Before his grunting voice’s reverberation stopped, the ball was high in the air.

"gotcha…." Height was his advantage and he made a good use of it. He flipped the ball behind my back to take it through his feet - I loved that move!!!I ran behind him, and forked my arms to make his grip on the ball loose, but it was too late, he already got that ‘eventful’ split second to shoot.

"Once again aadhi ….." . The ball sprang from his hands to hoop and I, as usual, was praying to my beloved gods not to let it happen.

I looked at him then the ball it wobbling in the air, trying to make its way ahead, at one point of time I thought it would never reach the basket, but destiny was different.With just enough it reached there and as not i wanted didnt go off the course. The first touch was on the square’s border above the hoop, then-a-suppose-to-be-out It bounced back to outer rim of the hoop,there is stayed for a second or so and finally it went inside.The entanglement gave its way for unwelcomed guest.

"yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he frantic shout reverberated.

I, then, didn’t know that basket was going to decide my fate.

‘I told you right …you will never put the last basket"

Not again.........!!!!!

I took the ball from the side court and shooted with the chin-up-leg-bend position for a three pointer. It missed by a whisker.

"Aadhi..start practicising from under the basket then try for three or six" ....his wicket voice once again echoed through the court. With a ready backpack he started walking towards me....i, in mean time had taken my second shot and missed.

"lets go man...we got a viva to attend, and you know prof wont like late commers" he gigled and said.

" I want my basket" I said assertively.

"not today mate...you wont get it" . steam was rising from my both ears.By this time i had already taken god-know-how-many shot ...still no luck."last call...you coming or not" he was serious this time.

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" , I Screamed.

It was only two after that scream i reached hostel, tired and frustrated . When I reached college at around 9, they were coming out of the computer center.

I missed my 7th semester ViVa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because of which I got a back in project by 2 marks.

Because of which I missed my dream company by .7 percentage .

Because of which my girlfriend got into different town and onto different boyfriend.

Because of which I started boozing and weeding.

Because of which I couldnt do my task properly.

Because of which I didnt get my appraisal.

Because of which I dont have a penny in my pocket at the end of the month.

All these........for that last basket.

"The initial deviation may be assumed to be small on linear scale but with time as the another function the amplitude of difference after a span of time always is quite high"

~ Wikipedia

By the way I did put the last basket of the day.