Thursday, September 01, 2011

Going home for Onam

I am going home for the Onam. It's my first Onam with my family in the last 10 years. So what happend in between, why didn't I go to my home even though I was so near, yet so far.

Talking about home, makes me define what a home is.

Home is where you get up and you are familiar with each breath you take.

Home is where you know the second switch on the left is for light in the veranda.

Home is where you bend down while cross the balcony door without even thinking for a second, because you know it is too small.

Home is where you know your mobile is just few feets away from your wallet on the third row of the cupboard.

Home is where you leave everyday knowing that the best rest you can get after day's work is while having a hot tea on your balcony watching the sun set across the lake ahead.

Home is where you can safely loose your front door key and still be calm because you know your spare key is just under the flower pot.

Home is where even if it rains, you don't have to worry about clothes you put up for drying as there is a shade just enough to cover them.

Home is where your friends can come in the middle of night and still be accomodated because of the extra bed you have.

Home is where there is an echo of her laughter linkering around even if she is not there.

Moreover home is where you don't have to dream because, there, you are living your dream.

Simply put, home is where your heart is. I was fortunate to find my home here and so I didn't go. But now....

Picture: A typical sunset from my balcony