Thursday, February 15, 2007

A school time to remember.

Years after when I went there, I didn’t see any familiar faces. The strange building, which, once was not, welcomed me with a bagful of memories. Walking across that veranda, for a retrospection ,or may be not, memories flooded my mind.

It all started here; when the life was full of possibilities with limitless freedom ,but always willing to give you a second chance. The schooling period of life is indeed the golden era of this paradoxical journey called life.

The innocent faces with inquisitive looks that you mauls you from the moment you enter the class late, to the relief for agony when that long bell ring in the evening: I miss them all.

Unannounced tests that make your heart pump faster to nearby answer sheet that doesn’t tally; I dare not think about the day when mistakes of those private answers were made public with a slight humiliation in front of 42 pair of eyes. But still I miss them all.

5 minutes break that falls for less or more time, in between the teachers that come and go, to the arguments which seemed like the never ending battle for world dominion. The commotion when asked about the assignments that test your physical stamina to zero periods that was for, say, doing nothing. I miss them all.

Unholy white dress on Wednesday to make your day with a mass PT to the rounds of jogging around the ground before the chaotic football session, nah an un pedagogic freedom, I miss them all… because never are they going to come back

I stood in front of my class room: 12 A, there on the left side I still could see myself. He was packing the bag, I remember, concerned about tuition thereafter. Suddenly his eyes went towards the door step. He was looking at me….. like a stranger.

ps: grammer and spelling mistakes are to be forgiven -:)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

11 years……

Tring Tring.

“Hello, Aadi here”.

“Hi, do you recognize me “The other end said with an air of naughtiness.

“uh? Umm….Rithika?”

“why? Is she the only female who calls you up?” There was a tint of disgust.

“Ok, tell me which angel is talking” He asked.

“ah , so you flirt eh??” She was mused.

There was a brief of silence as Aadi was ransacking his brains.

“you remember a short, bobbed and cheeky girl in 6th and 7th std ?” she was not sure.

“Tia…? TIA!!!!!” finally senses knotted together to pulled it up.

And so the conversation started. 11 years of stories was exchanged in 6 minutes . There was more to be said , more to be heard. May be it was 11 years since he met her. But still he could sense the bondage. And moreover there was this easiness in talking to her.
11 years is a long time. A time for which change has no absolute meaning. A time when you feel that you have been forgotten, peacefully laid in the entangle of some obscure grey cells.

“So how come you remembered me suddenly?” he asked.

“Umm…who said I forgot you” The tone was heavy.

“Adi!!!!!!!! Aren’t you coming with me or not??” a female voice shouted in the background.

“Who is that??” The concern in the voice was feeble yet strong.

“She is my friend….girl friend” he said with a pause.

Beep Beep Beep. The line became dead in the next second.

Everything had changed in the 11 years.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I wish....

I wish there was no existence
As a mere mortal what is in life
A world full of woes and worries
And existence is to have more.

I wish there was no existence
To see the end I cannot,
Here I stand with endless mistakes
And existence is to have more.

I wish there was no existence
For the path once taken
Thorns rip my toes walking
And existence is to have more.

I wish there was no existence
The burden of expectation
Failing all across the way
And existence is to have more.