Wednesday, October 25, 2006

To dream the same again.....

There is this murmur in your head saying something which you cant understand...Not that language spoken is unknown...
Not that thought is irksome.... but just because its quite impossible to comprehend them with a sane mind. A thousand voices saying to you – their opinions, their priority , their exaggerations and what not and you sometime end up taking it – rather forced to take it.
It was a dream,which I never want to be materialized.
My hands were getting numb after driving for long hours, don't know since when i was driving. The road was winding and climbing up. Below I could see the green belt of eucalyptus and cannon ball trees, spanning across a numerous hills with patches of clouds touching them at here and there. When the car graced across the wild bushes around the corner, chilled dew drops sprinkled across my face.

I loved it

I didn't know where i was going. The road was getting presented in front of my eyes ....from somewhere Apart from a small grunter of the car,there was nothing else to listen except the silence. Even that couldn't match the beauty which surrounded me. An effervescent yet mystique smell straddled across everywhere. My vision was getting blurred because of the mist on the glass, i put on the viper to draw it off.....

Out of the blue, I saw her, in white surrounded by fog a ghost. She waved her at me, i pulled over.

“ I am going this way, can i join you .....”.
“But i don't know where i am going??” I artlessly submitted.
“Please let me join you “ she didn't wait for the answer before I could , the door was locked from inside .
“ Do you know where this road leads to ??” I queered , the journey had begun...again.
“ I don't know , but I can give you a company” she said with a assuaging tone.
I smiled.
The road ahead, like the cadence of a once forgotten song, meandered to somewhere we didn't know .We didn't talk. Silence was playing yet another master stroke. I didn't want to break the quietness nor did she. So we played along. A cat and mouse game.
Time, it seems was hesitating to move. But the places around passed on to new places. Some interesting, some beautiful, some that may never be seen.
Suddenly the fog thickened, and vision became hazy. I stopped the car, And waited for the vision to be cleared.Mean while silence continued.

Talk to her” ....something in me said.

No!! don't do that ...she likes silence ..don't break it” ....somebody else said with authority.

May be she wants you to speak first”....former stressed.

just don't listen to them have got a long journey” ...said a third.

I didn't know what to do....So I waited.
May be seconds were moving to minutes and them onto hours....we waited.
Suddenly the mist cleared and slowly my speedometer began its ascend.

They were talking in my head, arguing what needs to be done.

Maybe i should talk to her” ...somebody with the veto power came up.

“Why do you want to come with me?” I asked her.

A smile – that was the answer.

she is just another hitch hiker” ...someone from the group said.

No she wants to know more about you” another said.

I think you should let her out” .....the third said.

“Enough!!!!” I screamed

“what happened ??? “ she asked with a shaky voice.

Stop the car, I need to get out. Now!”

I stopped the car.

Before I turned towards my left, the door was opened and closed.

She was walking into the mist. I wanted to call her.

But I didn't know the name.

And then she was gone.

May be in some other night's dream I would ask her why she left me ?

Strange isn't it ?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Lightning loss...

It was pitch black around except for the occasional vision provided by fighting blades in the Sky.
I rolled from one side to another to come into that perfect position to slide into my dreams. Alas, it was not that easy.

Time : 1:30 AM.

May be an hour later it had started to rain. Thunder had also started its dance. Since my flat was on the beach side the echo created was actually like thumping your heart. Being a guy it is a little shameful to say i was scared not because of the rain,thunder or the lightening but of the fact that our building was rather old and also it was made under a “govt contract” which made the risk something like crossing a express highway Blind folded. Temperature had dropped down and my legs were getting freezed up. I was trying hard to find warmth inside my new quill.

I don't know whether there was world war going or out but it was turning to be scary. With a masochistic sense thunder and lightning was increasing the uneasiness in me. I slowly lowered my quill from my face just to check whether there was any world left or just stones.

Oh!! my cable and modem connection!!! i need to unplug those” .

The comp was in my room so got up and moved my lazy legs to corner where my bread-&-butter-machine majestically sat. Before i could figure out where the LAN wire was something bright flashed outside the window- “a UFO” i thought. Then there was loud wailing sound of a car, the bloody lightening just had dented a hole in one of my neighbor's wallet. I smelled my comp, just to assure that nothing had burned down . I waited for the next lightening to strike so that i can unplug before the very next came. As soon as the sky flashed its ugly teeth i took out my cable - operation comp save SUCCESS!!!

Now i need to save my idiot box.

It was in the hall, i mustered my courage and like new born, waggled across to destination hall.
Suddenly the power went, darker shade around me increased its intensity ten fold. My nocturnal sense told me i should take a right first then take 6 feet and then turn left and again take 4 feet to get my first touch on the TV. I took the right walked 6 feet and as was taking the left, some monstrous creature suddenly came in front of me- as was the first reflex action of every human – I screamed.

The voice echoed and even conquered the one happening outside. The amplitude was intensified by another voice

suddenly from no where power came .”dude..its me “ , my party roommate had just came in and he too was on his way to unplug.

We spend some time chatting and then bang.....Zzzzzzzz.........

Like the phoenix from the ashes, the first rays of sun called me. I opened my eyes to see all notes that i jotted down spawn across the floor. I removed my quill and was about to put on the slippers...

“Dude, did you put off the cable....” he asked instead of the usual warm “good morning”.

“ I thought you did it ......what happened” ....I was expecting nothing bad.

“ Oh ...Then i think its gone – yesterday's lightening was too much for it “ he said in plain complacent tone while putting on his Blazers to go off for another morning round.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In a nutshell

Choice - a luxury
Faith - an ubiquitous belief
Hope - a quintessential delusion
Miracle - a chance for resuscitation
Destiny - an unexpected end
Life - a twisted tale