Thursday, February 26, 2015

Unsaid and Ununderstood

In sweaty conundrums,

of a life time moment of love,
eyes dissolved,
into a dream seen never before.

Touch and goosebumps,
sweet lavender from interlocked hair,
And a whisper in ear.

A feisty rush,
ruffled linen on to floor,
a missed beat on bass,
With a wisp of air through biting lips.

A rhythmic silence,
understood in unison,
Tagged along,
In a journey to beyond.

Piercing nails,
Bloodied in pain,
immersed in pleasure
of heaven and above.

A stillness beyond closed eyes,
panting with a smile,
the descend from the sky,
into the arms waiting to hold.

Missed again....

9.06 AM.

It is late. And so he runs. 

He don't want to miss it. It was always like this. As usual he did everything that needs to be done. But he couldn't finish them all.

So he runs. Now a bit faster. 

He should have got up early. But winter chill is so difficult to shell off. Without any remorse he snoozed the alarm. Every time till it was 8:04 AM.

He was almost there. But now was the most difficult part. The crossing.

He was confused. To have tea before breakfast. Exercise or not.  Bath or not. Confused. Every time.

Ah! There it goes. 24 Luminy. His bus to work.

Missed again! He sees the vacant bus leaving. Crossing the signal which was inadvertently green, or he supposed.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Love Graph

My friend (X) is in love with this guy who is an ex of her best friend. The best friend is in love with an Algerian guy who has a twin brother. This twin brother is a friend of X. They had met when X was with her girlfriend Y. X met Y when her boyfriend was on a vacation to America. However, X fell in love with Y when she met another girl while on a vacation with her ex boyfriend to America. The girl was the trigger point which told X that love had no genders. Current love of X for this new guy is taking place  while another  friend of her has fallen for her last week. While all these stories are going on, X loves (not sure) a fellow from her college. But he has a girlfriend and hence X is in passive mode.

The above is just a story of  one person whom I know. Now imagine millions of people like X and who are in love with somebody and their love stories. Imagine the interconnections, the strength of each bondage and where these connections lead to. It forms a network of people and connection between them. I call this love graph.

Now what I am thinking is : is there anybody in this world who is not in this graph ?

At some point they were a part of this graph and
may be later, they got separated from this. That can happen, isn't it ?

The more I think about it, I feel there is another graph which is a reflection of this love graph. It is graph made of the lost. The one which belongs to those who are cursed to be not in love. Not because they are not perfect to be a part of the love graph but perhaps, they are too much in the love but for some reasons the edge couldn't be established.

From my window, I can see the entire city and also, mountains and the sea that lies between them and beyond. Through the smudged glass, I strain myself to figure out which graph I belong to.

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Thursday, February 05, 2015

A Tribute to Laughter and Company

"I will be cooking and you can help me". She said.

"That would be fine. Let me know what to do".  I looked around to make sense of what to do.

There was not much of cooking. But my stomach was full.
Full from laughter and being happy.

Sometime what you are hungry for is not food. Its more than food.

After 2 years of staying alone in Bangalore, I decided that I won't stay alone this time. For me, being alone in that big apartment was like a nightmare. And given a city like Bangalore, it was a nightmare being outside also.

 I wanted to have all the fun that I had when I was with a bunch of Hooligans. That was way back in Chennai and also in Bombay (yes and not Mumbai)

So I took a collocation instead of a studio for myself. And my new roommates were three girls.

I never knew how nice it would be to share a roof with a bunch of girls and that too very talented: A painter who plays Piano and Djembe, an architect who plays guitar and an Oceanographer who is very sweet and innocent.

And other perks being good food, good music and comparatively, a nicely kept apartment.

Life has been really nice to me. Always have been blessed to with  set of  nice people.
After all life is measured in terms of the company that you keep.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Crusade Against Age

I am getting old.

Or may be I am old.  But I fight to define what old being is?

Is it the inability of the body to the push yourself. Then I am not old. I am fit as a fiddle.

Have my thoughts gone senile? No I don't think so. I am still learning and learning more than I learned yesterday.

Yet, in the corner of my heart where the color is white, it murmurs in  a breaking voice: Am I old ?

Whenever you have eliminated all which is impossible whatever left should be truth said Sherlock.

And that truth is I am not getting old!

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