Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Out of confusion.....

Staring at the star studded sky from my terrace i was thinking about where was i ?

The journey so far was nice. Like a sinusoidal wave, my ups and downs were even. Since the trough part of the wave was too much prolonged for quite some time, i believe in a rise of amplitude in the positive direction. But as every man goes through this
'quarter life crisis' , i am happy that i too am a human moreover a common man.

Suddenly i saw a shooting star falling across the distant horizon.

I closed my eyes and made a wish: every time it was the same but not this time. Its time that i moved on. And since the dark veil of murky illusion passed away in the last monsoon rain, i dreamed something new. The acrospire just began to happen but this time for a definite future.

The reflection of full moon on the beating waves gave a wonderful sparkling effect.

Remembering the past made me nervous of the future. This was fear that neglected me for some period of time. Fear is an quintessential necessity for the success of life. Last time i had it, i landed up in an NIT. I felt good about this paradoxical irony.

It was already late and i needed to get up early in the morning. I got up and went to bed for brand new tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Walking across the waves......

It was breezy with tincture of chillness in the air. Humidity had gone out for a vacation or it seemed, chennai was fine again. Across the footsteps of someone in front i followed, waves were kissing the shore with its never ending love or rather should i say lust.

Kites were conquering the sky and migratory birds were alarmed and across the clouds, up far above, a boeying 747 was circling across the imaginary terminal in the sky. seemed as if it was a bit crammed up there.As for down below,here, sand castles built by our young-would-be engineers flooded my way ahead. some with towering watch houses , some with barricades and yet some others with rising tombs. They were happy as was me.

One after the another, waves repeated their monotonicity,without getting bored. Across their boundary sat couples with a world to share for themselves. Hushing in each other ears about a tomorrow for themselves. sometimes getting 'naughty' with themselves,The world around had stop revolving for them. They were in love. They were happy as was me.

Hot spots of some other relations existed in there, Having ground nuts to chew and some old jokes to share. They were aged yet they seemed young. Having crossed many high tides and whirlpools, euphoria spread across their faces. They were happy as was me.

I had covered some beautiful things in my short stroll on that beach. I stopped and turned back, they were my happy memories, like a beautiful era added to my life chronology. I saw many footsteps, some were mine and some were of others, i wanted to know my steps. I walked back, keeping again a mantle for those happy moments to be retrieved.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Setback and a come back....

About sometimes before i made a mistake and to realize it was a mistake it took me a very long time - to be precise 5 yrs. I learned a lot from it.

About 1.5 yrs before i made another mistake and now i am in the process of rectifying it.

I got my lost confidence yesterday, was wondering where it had all been for this long time. Its like when a batsman who is currently not in form gets his class back on fine morning. The only difference is batsman get thru this process once in while in a season but for me it was going for the last 2 yrs or so.

Yes I am back!!!!!!!!! Thanks dude(GOD)!!.