Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A conversation…

I feel tired, a lot of pressure from the top.” My dad complained.

I had called him to have chit-o-chat on the way to my lab and usually my dad is always in light mood. But today was different.

I feel like quitting”, he sounded disappointed.

Then do it”. He wouldn’t have expected this from me.

“…And come stay with you over there?” .now he was coming down to usual mood.

“Why not? , I could get a quarters inside the campus” I questioned him back.

Is it possible ?” Now he was really poking me.

ya if I get married, I would be eligible for one ….or it doesn’t matter I can rent an apartment outside”. I played along.

you getting married?”. My dad was back into action.

why not ?..” I was curious to know.

Now a days they don’t have a arranged marriage system here and moreover you don’t have a girlfriend to hope for.” he was digging deep.

I did have…. I protested.

“But you left her…” he said.

I had constraints dad “. I retorted back.

You didn’t have any, in my days I left many because I had so called constraints” he quoted.

I had a career to go after…” This was getting on to serious mode now.

Couldn’t the career and love gone together?”. he was not going to leave it.

Could have….and I realize it now. But then life doesn’t have a retake. I learned it the hard way…Surely I do regret. But can anything be done now? “. I had stopped walking.

ya …you could …just go after the next girl you see in front” . He was again my cool, hippy dad.

What???..” . I was laughing out loud.

I started walking again.