Thursday, November 26, 2009


Is salvation achievable through divinity only?

Or any work done with divinity achieve salvation ?

The program has been running for last 4hrs - using around 20522108 Kb memory and average of 25%CPU and the most important point - its 3 in the morning and i dont know whether its actually working.

I simply do not want to kill it. I do not want to sleep too. I want to see what happens in the end. If and all there is an end.Parallelism is that in life also you dont know what is happening, but you dont leave it there. You live till the end, just to see what will happen.

I checked. Nobody is logged in. They must be dreaming. About? sure about tomorrow.
The model generated on the training data is around 8 GB - so much of data and out of that if somebody had asked me how much i would have created using my "brain" : not even 1 MB.

you know only a little ;vast amount of the rest is unknown. And you have got only one life. Before i salvage myself will i know everything? may be not. How did a machine: man made, find out several times what its inventor couldnt; even though what they knew were all the same!

How do you shutdown a server? killing just my program or a blinking failure message is heart searing act. Server crashed- a lie that can be far from truth. But does it serve the purpose?

Having a purpose in what he does. would that lead to salvation?

Is that the answer Thyagaraja was looking for through this keerthana?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Black Swan.

Thick friends- thats how they defined three of us.
We came from different parts of country, spoke different languages, had different cultures and were totally different in all sense. I was an introvert, one was an extrovert and sometimes moody and other was an over-extrovert and all non-sense guy.

But somewhere in between there was thread that held us together. And over the years it tightened.

When we bunked the classes we did it together, when we proposed we did together, when we did our internship we did together. 4 years how it passed away, nobody knew. But one thing they all knew was that - we were thick friends.

Final year, we were in Goa. we were there for weeks- a summer internship they called, but the last bash in the college we said. During every evening we went around vasco town and then sober-less nights with full throttle on NFS. Boyish, i would call. During the morning we roamed around the beaches and as usual we bunked after the signing the muster at the software firm.And they said we were too thick.

On final day of the college, I was the last one to go. I was there in that crowded station sending them off. We didnt cry, we came to that city as boys but were going as men. And men dont cry, so they said. But while the train was on the move we said at the top our tongue - "next December in Goa". Before the train went invisible in the horizon, i saw the thumbs up sign.

While in office, there were innumerous forwards, daily there were conference calls and in night online games. But over the time call became a usual 'Hello! how are you' , then email-forwards stopped. And before i realized we were in different continents.

Its been 5 years since that train left the station, and December is here.
Will we meet in Goa ?

Saturday, November 07, 2009

I was thinking of doing something weird........ really weird.
And i have been thinking about this for quite sometime.
All pranks that i did, thought off , planned with others :-came to my mind.

Yes I was naughty.

Sometimes i press the up and down button of the elevator - even if i am not going anywhere in it.
I like to imagine the frustrated looks of the people inside, when it stops in some random floor they didnt even think off. hah! i am blessed!!!!

From the array of cycle stacked jam packed like we-are-friends-forever, in the wee hours i just take a random one of its place and place it in one obscure corner. This is like my first exercise of the day. Every now and then you can see a "lost a cycle" note on the hostel clip board - only to be found that evening by the security just few paces away from where the guy had left yesterday. :D:D!!!!

People gets so irritated for silly things, to the amusement of everybod, like registering in a matrimonial site with your boss's email id - my ex boss still doesnt have a clue why he is been bombarded with "you got a match" mails from Bharatmatrimony daily- my sweet revenge for not letting me go for the weekend movie :D

Leaving behind the long queue and getting on to the front of the ticket counter -as if nobody existed behind you and still hearing no uproar from behind, as hey!! he is just a kid! Those bunked classes during the evening were the most productive :P

Playing in the rain in those white uniform, which my mother always told me to take extra care. I miss dirtying those white canvas shoes in the football matches during 3 minutes break time between periods. Maaannnn those were the matches....

Blessed were those days you could get into the class 10 mins late and forced to sit in the first bench in the girls row. Now only thing left is the no-nonsense attitude and work ethics of professional lecture from your boss, even if you are 2 min late. Phew!!! - growing up is so overrated.