Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Morning Blues

Its morning. You are still sleeping besides me. On my left, Athira is sleeping. she is wearing
a white night dress with blue bloats on it. She also sleeps like you; with one leg on mine and
another straight. She is sleeping with her thumb in her mouth. I gently takes it off before you
wake up and sees it. You don't like that. On your right, Ishaan is sleeping with his right hand
over your neck. He is wearing a white cotton pyjama and kurta. I look at each three of you. A
sweet serenity spreads across my face. I am living my dream.

Its almost 6:30 and the alarm starts ringing. You have set the ring tone as "margali poove"
with just the musicals. You open your eyes slowly. I have been waiting for few minutes to see
you open your eyes. You seems like a little innocent kid. In your sweet, lullaby like voice,
you say good morning. I slowly kiss your forehead. Just as I finish kissing you, Athira adjusts
her hand position. This is an indication to me that she thinks that I am not giving much
importance to her. I slowly turn to my right and kisses her too. She also kisses me back. She
gets up like a mature girl and goes to loo. You take this opportunity to come closer to me. You
slowly put off Ishaan's legs from your leg and crawls up to my head. Then you encloses your
bedcover over both of our heads. Once inside, you starts to kiss me. Yes, You have long lost
your inhibition to kiss after waking up. I also kisses you back. Suddenly, we notice something
slithering inside the bedsheet. Its Ishaan. As soon as he is up, he is in full energy. Just
like your mother. He climbs over you and put off the cover and lie in between us. I hug you
with Ishaan in between. You are smiling and Ishaan is so excited that he is laughing out loud.
Hearing all these commotion, Athira comes back to our room to check. Seeing the state we are
in, she first stares at me and then at you. Without loosing a moment, she also comes running
and make space for herself between Ishaan and myself.

I hug you three closer to me. You too put your arms around those two brats and also trying to
reach me.

I smile. Suddenly the alarm rings, its 8:00 AM, time for me to wake up. I look around. Its my
room here. On the right side, there is this blue curtain which block the scenery that lie
across the window. Its so thick that not even a single ray of light can seep in. On my left,
there is nothing.

I slowly switch off my alarm.