Friday, August 17, 2007

Love,Sex and Death

“I didn’t have sex yet” My friend howled from back.
“Why are you saying that to me now??” I howled back. It is very difficult to talk while riding a bike you know. And moreover when your ego is being cashed by guy who overtook you, it’s virtually impossible to think straight.
“I don’t want to die without having sex” He howled again.

For the sake of sex(ah!) my pulsar 180 reduced its RPM, after all its definitely male !
“Who knows death is more pleasurable than sex” I reasoned.
“But then if otherwise I do have a choice. I ll have sex then experience death” he had a point.
“Do you actually want to have sex or just make love?” I wanted to ask. But hands from ether knitted my mouths before it spelled out.
Make love – I don’t know who coined that term. How do you possibly make love? Love just happens if you try to make it, is it love?
Reasons unknown, fate unknown, perdition/existence unknown – just a sense of being in love is the only absolute; I just love it!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Yet again.....

2 years is a long time. People change, as well as places also. Back then, the city was not this much crowded. There were concrete structure everywhere and an urban tag hung loose in slippery wet paint. Vehicles with registration number from all over the county plied across with a haste to catch up the one in the front. Everybody was busy. The city had lost his sheen. Only thing that reminded of the old city was the beautiful climate which itself, sometimes, felt like coughing and brooding over his majestic lost glory.

Welcome to Bangalore.

Somehow through the menacing traffic he reached there. Every body had already arrived. He was the last, as usual. Back in college, the professor would have shouted for coming this late but not today. “yaar, tu bilkul nahi badla(dude, you haven’t changed at all)” Shagun said with his resonating voice. One after another followed the suit. They hadn’t changed, he thought. He felt like back to where he belongs, after a long time.

Time swept across, day became night and even crossed midnight, but nobody slept. They were here not to sleep. They all had everything they aspired for: a good career, money and a life. He too seemed normal like them until the question was raised. “Why are you like this?” So many people had asked him this but then he didn’t have the answer. He never had the answer. But then some questions cannot be answered. It simply comes in one category. “I don’t know”, he said with a fake smile. And they never asked him again.

Everything had indeed changed.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The fun part.....

I ogled. She didn’t see.
She did the same. I pretended not to see.
I want to flash a smile, A sign of recognition. But she wouldn’t turn to my side.
Pickup lines clouded my thought process, it then became hazy. Then I jumped ahead.
“Would you mind buying me a coffee?”
She stared. “uh…..”.
“Ok then, let me buy you one….” I said with my ill famous naughty smile.
Now, she removed her Versace glasses to stare…even more beautifully.
“Tea also no problem…..but please…. I know begging is humiliating, but I don’t care..”
She didn’t hesitate anymore.
The finger was up.
No, not the one I expected, but the one with the golden ring on it.
“I am married”. She said, may be with a dismal which she didn’t want to express.