Friday, May 20, 2011

What I cannot explain

Life is only complex as the way we see it. Yet, I embark on answering what boundaries of science is not sure of. They say it is a complex problem. Not answered until now. But am I the right one to pursue it ? Because I don't know even the simple things that I see everyday.

I don't know why the water I drink is transparent.

Why do the smile I give when I see my friend is different from the one when I pose for a photograph?

Why is an apple called an apple?

Why is sea water salty?

Why do I dream; what are they actually?

If everything is made of atoms why are there different shapes?

What gives the light so much speed that we cannot see them?

Why are there only 4 seasons?

Why do grazing animals always come back to barn, don't they yearn for their freedom?

Why do I close my eyes while sleeping?

Why do it rain in drops not as a stream?

Why do the clock
have only 60 seconds in a minute?

Why do ants always go as a monorail?

Why do tears come when I cry?

I see these phenomenon in my daily life, yet I neglect them or ceased to notice them. These are seemingly simple things that happens in my mundane life. And I delve a little deep, I find how complex life is.

I am conveniently leaving them behind so that some things in my life remain simple and unanswered as the complexity deprives it of that naiveness.

And I call myself a researcher- what an irony!

Pic courtesy: me :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What makes the life wonderful.

The snooze function on the alarm that allows to sleep 5 more minutes.

Chillness of the water droplets that trickles across the face while taking the morning bath.

The Calvin & Hobbs comic strip on the last page of the news paper.

The smell of the aromatic black tea during the breakfast.

Leaving the hands free while on the bike and gazing at the vast lake that passes by.

Smile on your buddy's face when you say "Good Morning".

Mails in your box which starts with a "Dear" and ends with a "Love".

The status message thats says "completed" at the end of the program execution.

Naughty jokes during the lunch and the 15 min power nap thereafter.

The last 1 minute to 5:00PM. And as an icing on the cake, it being a Friday.

Floodlights in the ground allowing to jog in the night than skipping the cozy morning sleep.

That 1 rupee reduction for the Pomegranate juice costing 16 bucks because of not finding change.

ATM door that opens with any card including the library card.

Guy who shares 1 TB of movies on the LAN asks for no "Thank Yous".

Creaking fan that sounds rhythmically to make it a sweet lullaby.

The sleep with dreams of tomorrow.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Déjà vu

When I say this please believe me. I am sane and I am sober.

I have these déjà vu moments which are unusually large in number to be associated with an average human being. But my problem is not that I am having many of them rather I have stopped seeing what is going to happen nowadays. And thats strange.

Again iterating what I said before I am completely sane and sober.

What concerns me is not the fact that I am not able to forsee whats going to happen but the moment that the whole world conspires to set the instance of my life that I had for-seen coming true. Like a jigsaw puzzle falling into place, like a contrivance unfolding its secret, like a meandering river meeting the unseen ocean - an ecstasy of minute things working in tandem to create that destiny which you know would happen but didn't know how.

Life is now totally unpredictable which is nice as it is normal but I miss those exhilarating moments when something you saw already happens again.

I repeat for the last time, I am sober and sane.