Monday, January 20, 2014

My world

Like the flutter of a flag that got swayed in the dying winter wind, I held my dismal face on that window sill.
It was never going to be easy. 
The world of perfect liberty to do the things that you like is immensely boring.
As one puts it, its not the life that seeks the beauty of the world but its the chaos in the life that brings out the beauty of the world.
And for me the beauty vanished, when it became so perfect. 
A calmness, a tranquility that is boundless and existing as far as the perceived infinity.
Dark circles made my eyes eager to close down. But then darkness, was dark in all senses. 
An absolute darkness.
Cast some light and I know I will be alright. For now.
A disturbing silence urges me to move forward. I take my step forward. 
A directionless pursuit of what I don't know.
I open my eyes. 
Hopeful rays slash my hopes. 
The road I see through that window is still empty.
It so far far away. I try to grasp it in my clutches. Failing miserably.

A breeze with a known fragrance tickles my face. 
A smile carves out of my mouth.  
I am alive again.
And the road is no longer lonely. 
I see the little kid in pretty pink frock coming back from her school.

Chaos and the beauty therein is going to begin. Again.