Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sid...what do you think...?, would you accept this paper or not
? . Prof was curious to know.

And there stopped his heart. "Yes. I would." He said hesitantly.

"Why? ". Prof was curious again.
"It had a better result than the baseline, and idea xyz was indeed a stroke of genius". He didnt know from where these words were coming.

For that last comment, all 28 pair of eyes of young and old researchers turned towards him. He melted in that last row a wax.

He was happy to go unnoticed in these meeting in last seat, until that moment, when his Prof thought he was sleeping during that lecture. Prof was discussing about a research paper that came for review under his panel and he wanted to know what they thought about it.

" I agree". His prof never expected this from the last bencher.
He looked over his shoulders and beamed.

Then prof went to on to another paper. This time he was up with my ears standing, he could even hear the sound of the vibrator of his friend's phone, who was sitting two- row-in-his-front.

After the discussion, again the same question.

"I dint fully understood it sir. "He said with all his innocence.

Prof nodded and He had won that round.

Most of the people around said most of the contend went above their head.

The one hour weekly session got over very quickly before anybody could find a time to yawn...except him. And everybody started to leave except for few whose doubt wouldnt be cleared in their life time. Like bees buzzing around the hive, they surrounded the prof.

He waited till all the commotion was over.

"Sir"..... "yes".

"Did you accept that first paper". He asked him.

He smiled and said that he did. He too was happy,but didnt know for what ...may be some kind of hidden sense of achievement.

As he was leaving, prof added "I too didnt understood that second paper when i read it for the first time" . This time his joy was all over his face.

He decided not sit in that last bench anymore.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What if....

What if god made only one woman for your life.

What if you met that woman one day.

What if you understood it was her.

What if you loved her so much that you didn't know how to express it.

What if one day she said good bye and left you.

What if you thought she would come back one day.

What if you waited so long that everybody thought you were going insane.

What if one day you knew she would never come back.

What if ....

picture courtesy:Mike

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Totally misunderstood!

You cut my call???? she fumed.
Do you what it means when a guy hangs a girl's phone?? I was speechless on the other side. ...knnnowww..

And mind your language when talking to a girl !! how can you use such a derogatory language....
do you know what it means good for nothing. Am I something like that ???" Now I was sweating inside that air conditioned room.

when did i use any word like that??? - I was racking my skull.

You better change your talking style Mr, grow up!!! The mercury had crossed normal limits long a ago.

And without saying anything more she just hanged the phone.

I was trying to comprehend what had just happened. After a minute or two I regained my conscious self.

"What did i do?" just like any other guy's thought. Gals - do we really belong to same species?