Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pretending to smile,
I cried.
For reasons unknown,
I cried.
Confused was I not, Yet
I cried.
Mad was I not, Yet
I cried.

And I cried with a smile.
and they laughed, I smiled again.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


It is the same the sky, the same beach and the same sun. But everytime it is different.
A gentle chilly breeze soothes my face. I look ahead. The same horizon and yet it is different.
Like a palette where a bit of white, blue and yellow mixed together, the same sky and yet so much different from yesterday.

I fold my novel, it is not interesting anymore. The breeze again touches me and go, as if trying to get my attention. I am listening and I look ahead. Holding my breath i look into horizon. Just a rhythmic flow of waves beating the shore and the horizon. In between like a swing, the breeze comes and ruffle my hair. I look at the infinity where sea touches the sky. A unification of nature's senses.

A visual trance, I forget everything....just about everything.
And for moment I am happy....real happy.

Sun has set. The sallowness is fading further as if the artist had enough of yellow. A pale blue blends from the east. Soon horizon will dissolve into darkness. Another day has just ended.

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

The kiss

The first kiss. Everybody remember their first kiss.

The hesitation, the tremble, the eyes closing and….. the kiss.

The warmth, the taste, the lips holding and ….the departing.
The breathing, the childish smile, closing again and …the kiss.

The upper, the lower, hands running down the hair and… breath running out.

The first kiss.

Hard to remember the last though.

Last Friday? Or was it the week before. Or did we kiss goodnight that time?
The foul smell, taste Chinese, the dry lips or the novice
The simple goodbye kiss, or the peck on the left cheek, is that a kiss?
The calling, the mobile ringing, or the dad opening the front door…and the running

Would like to know what is the secret behind it – the kiss thing. Any comments.

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