Sunday, December 21, 2014

Every Year For her Love

Calanque was not that far away. Around 3 km from the entrance of the park.

This was  my second visit here. Last time I went to the top of cliff to get a 360 degree view. It was exhilarating. So this time I thought of going down to sea side, the actual calanque. It was cold but I knew after 20 minutes of walk, I would be sweating. Through my light sweaters the wind was trying to take cold to my body. So I started to walk fast.

At a distance, I saw an old lady, walking alone. I could see many people but all were either in a group or as couples. This was something strange.  From her posture I assumed she was panting.  I thought she was panting because she could not manage her bag. Thinking of helping her, I stepped up.

Once I was taking strides with her, I started the conversation in my broken French.

Bonjour! belle journée [Hello,lovely day?]
She stopped and looked at me. Then with a smile said "oui" [yes].
Dois-je vous aider avec le sac ? [Should i help you with the bag?]
Non.. Then she said something in French, which I did not understand. So I had to tell the truth.
Je ne sais pas beaucoup de Français [I don't know that much french].
She smiled and told me that "he would have said the same".
Then she told me her story in broken English.

It was her 60th wedding anniversary and every year on this day she used to visit this calanque. He had passed away some 9 years ago. But she still comes. She was 78.

She told me about a great place from where I should see this calanque. Politely she said she cannot come with me to the place else would have definitely taken me there. She insisted I go there before going back.

Hesitantly, I left her behind and moved on.

As I was about to pace up. She called me from behind and told me that it is better to visit this place with my girl friend rather going there alone. I smiled and said I don't have a girl friend. With a naughty smile, she asked me to get one soon. We laughed together.

Then I parted my way. May be will never see her again.

Finally after an hour of trekking I reached the place she told me to visit. And it was amazingly beautiful.

Nobody could "not" fall in love in such place like this [see below].

As I was looking over the horizon, I noticed a couple on the cliff side kissing. The air was full of love and for a second I thought it was infectious.


Friday, December 12, 2014

Welcome to Marseille

And I moved to Marseille.

Quit the job in Bangalore. Packed my backs and left India.
No good byes. No tata.

New job, new people, new language and new air.

Life is a clean state. Now lets see what happens in my second chance.

Pic courtesy: My backyard by me :)

Friday, December 05, 2014

What do you wish for

When you have everything what do you strive for ?
And how do you define everything that you have ?

"In closed realms of my life, a solitude of sea resides,
Not swaying to the winds of tomorrow,
But, maybe, forever lost in void of complacency,
or, maybe, in the glory of an utopian idealism."