Friday, May 04, 2007

A second chance….

“Will you give me a second chance” .He pleaded.

“It is late now, but then, what will you do with this so called ch
ance” It asked.

“I have to change a sequence of my life, just one...” He beamed with confidence.

“Are you sure that’s the correct one” It was trying to play with his mind.

“Umm…Ya I guess so.”

“May be its better to change today and expect for a better tomorrow than changing yesterday and expecting for a better today” again it was trying to play – with his mind.

“No I want to have a better today than a hope for a better tomorrow” He was adamant.

“Ok, so shall be it. Where do you want to change it?” It was curious.

“Let me have your ears..” Then he whispered with gleam never seen before.


He looked around and smiled.