Saturday, June 04, 2016

Winding Tunnel and the Music

I was in Paris this week. I got down at Franklin D Roosvelt Metro Station and I had to catch Metro 1 to connect to Louvre. A series of twist and turns takes you from Metro 9 to Metro 1. I love them. There is a sense of romanticism that creeps in when you walk through them. A subtle happiness of how your life turned out to be. About what you were and what you became. Nothing great compared to many greats. But it is a simple realization that life, as such, is simply beautiful.

While walking towards my next boarding point, I could hear a faint music from guitar. It perfectly matched my thoughts. Like a beautiful ode to that simple, yet beautiful moment. I laughed with all the innocence my chubby cheeks could offer.

He wore a grey jacket with the guitar case in his front. He had few coins in it. The lady walking before me added one more. Then she raised her head and our eyes met for a shimmer. There was a smile on her face. May the same that I had.

The pace I was walking, I passed him briskly. May be I saw a CD cover. May it was his own. Then I had this sudden urge to tip him. I frantically searched for a coin in my wallet. I had few cents. May be 80. I stopped walking, turned and started walking towards him. Nobody was behind me. Except for the  tunnel and the man playing the guitar there was nobody.  I put the coins in his case and told a thank you.

Another beautiful night in Paris. Oh Paris, Je t'aime!!!