Friday, April 29, 2011


In the darkest zone of your mind, there is this fear murmuring in the murkiest voice saying "What if". Sometimes grunting in between with a raucous sound making your heart beat more than 72 times per minute. And thats when you do your retrospection - "Did I make the right decision?". Like a demonic conscience pricking your heart for a self confession sort of, it further deepens the wound. You know nothing else can be done except to hope for the best. And thats what precisely what everybody else would say to you - "All is going to be fine". Bah! a voice echoes again from that darkest zone, reverberating across the same sanctum that you created while making the very decision you thought was a right decision but is being denounced now. Thinking that what you did all these years pondering and breaking your sweat and sleep over, sometimes, may never be appreciated by anybody except you.

But you live on as if you are deaf, doing the very same thing that you did yesterday as if that yesterday didn't exist at all. Hoping this nth time, there is a miracle.

And they say PhD is not a degree but a state of mind - well said whosoever that was.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

28 Years

On that fateful day, 28 years before, tri-color flag fluttered high at Lords. I was then 0 years old! 28 years. Yes, a country of 1.2 billion had waited 28 years to celebrate the second anniversary of that great event.

If modern science count 4 years as a generation gap, then 7 generation have passed since that flag fluttered that high. Now I am 28, and yesterday I saw how it is to feel when that tri-color flag fluttered high again, at Wankade stadium, Bombay.

28 years. Average age of 2011 world cup winning Indian team. A team that posses a uncanny ability to fight back from the brinks of defeat. And fight to end till victory is theirs. Finally, we have a TEAM where there is not just one Sachin but many.

11 able men under the command of one, a leader is what made the history repeat after 28 years. A leader who is worthy to be called so in all sense. A calm and composed individual whose mind works like a jig-saw puzzle only to reveal the final picture when that winning run is scored. And yesterday he joined the ranks of those who were blessed to hold that great cup.

These men have united a nation of 1000 religions into one by just sweet loft of ball across the boundary line. A country which is day by day loosing its sheen to dirty politics of scams and shams wanted a moment to see their old self to believe again in themselves. And the men in blue have given them a fountain head which, perhaps, is a new beginning.

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