Thursday, January 29, 2015

A momentary passing

Life is a momentary passing. A passing that can end any time. May be now, even before I finish this sentence. This realisation, to me is a tipping point. One which tells me to love this life even more. And the world, even though with all the shortcomings, is indeed a beautiful place to live in.

Loving my life!

Go, enjoy your life, love it and live it like as if there is no next moment to spare.

PS:Tomorrow onwards I would be spreading this infection and also this infectious smile that I have right now.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Power of Expectation

Somebody I know told me that life is like a pressure cooker. Why? Because everybody expects you to do something and you are punched from all sides to meet them.

At my work they expect me to crack something big that would solve every problem they got. So I work like a mad dog to meet their expectation.

At home they expect me to get settled. Because according to them I am not settled. So I take pains to come out of my comforts to get "settled" the way they want.

My friends expects me to support them. They say it is my duty. Because I am not "settled".  So I sort their problems even if I miss something that I like to do while doing those.

I have to learn to say no. More often.