Thursday, June 21, 2007

B – Bad boy.

Its ringing again, he should have enrolled for the evening class!!!

“Oye you got class!! “ I try not to show my anger at him.

Wake up, or else you ll miss the bus

huh….5 more minutes…

Oh god! Wont this thing stops ringing.

Should I go to office or not?

I guess its already late

May be I ll go in the late shuttle.

Now who is ring at the door – ah the maid, let somebody else open the door

Why cant he put that curtain on, the glare is too much to bear.

“B get up.. lets go for a swim.” He exclaim.

I peep out of my den with a complete emptiness.

“Huh….umm….I am already late for the office.” I say with a wearing tone

“On a Saturday???”

I pull back my covers…again.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

That letter I never wrote.

Dear …..,

I never knew when it happened or how it happened. I thought I was hard and invincible and am above the forces of nature. But cupid wouldn’t let me live an uncommon life of a common man. And for that arrow that struck my heart you reside in me with a joyful pain of love.

From the rainy day of June when I first saw you to yesterday’s sweet laughter with which you kept the phone, you gave me memories that I like to live in for ever and ever. With you around I want to count the lives that every second holds in my breath. Never have I felt alone when I was far away – your breath was always there to keep me warm and to tell me about eternity that we would live.

Sun is setting down, a day of my chapter closing with twinkle of your smile to dream for. I wish the life would be like this forever.

PS: I am stopping here; I am so bad in it!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


She says Rafa is better than Roger. She
lays out a million instances for his glory - About his mastery on clay, his agility, his stamina, his hunger for victory. And this year, she continuous, it will be Rafa and his Corrida in Rolland Garros and after this year it would be just Rafa’s Capote that French people would talk of.

He just sits back and listens.

She then goes to say about the serve, the fastest servers, and the unbelievable -the one that curve into, the one that eludes you by a whisker and then she moves on the great match, grand slam matches that he hasn’t even heard off. He wondered if there is any thing else in this female’s mind apart from Tennis!!

Then, again, she comes back to Rafa. She says about his Girl friend, his role model and writes another masterpiece with ever inexhaustible vocabulary.
He thinks she was born on a tennis court with Rafa as the midwife (or mid husband!!).

For second she becomes silent. And he just grabs that opportunity.

“Were you in the college tennis team or something like that? “ He was genuinely curious.

“No…I was not that…athletic” – she tries to reason.

Now his eagerness prompts “Have you watched any matches – maybe Chennai open?”

“No..never… I didn’t have the company to go last time …” She says with despair.

“Have you ever seen a tennis court?” He mocks.

She doesn’t reply. Only silence answers in its vague, yet emotional way.

He bites his lips; he knew he had asked the wrong question. Catastrophe caused couldn’t be undone yet he asks “let’s make the next team outing to Rolland Garros and see Federer winning it!!”

She turns around with glimmer in her eyes and says “Correction, Rafa winning it!!”

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

From the page i missed.....

He used to sit in the 3rd bench and I on the 4th. We met there, in the tuition class, but we knew we had met before- where and when we didn’t know. But it was for sure that we had met before.

While going back we either boarded the same bus or he would come with us in my car. Curses about the teachers then sprung in the air,Unchecked by my dad, as he too didn’t like Math and chemistry. He never knew where I stayed. He always got down in the middle. And he got out from the tuition class in the middle too.
When professor asked for the reason, he shyly said he wanted to prepare for JEE. In our part of the country only People with insane mind go for IIT the rest of the insanes get satisfied with NIT or other state colleges. But he wasn’t insane.

After that I saw him for the IIT screening, which I humbly wrote because I was supposed to write it as my mothers friends sibling were fighting for it. For unbounded forces and the deep integration which that paper heralded at me, I should have ran away from that examination hall. But I stayed. After the exam I saw him in the middle of the crowd fiercely arguing the correctness of his answer. An inner shame compelled me not to go there.

When the result came, his name popped out from everywhere. Those who didn’t know him claimed to be his best friends and those who knew, praised his hard work and dedication.

Then the unavoidable space of separation came between us for about 3 years.

One day when I was at home for my vacation, I read in the newspaper about an IITian getting drowned. I prayed it was not him.
But then he was always in the habit of getting down in the middle. And yes, he went in the middle, to where I still don’t know.