Thursday, October 18, 2007

The conversation

The coolest guy(i know) who knows me like an unknown said in the most serious voice he could deliver.
My hands didn't tremble

My voice didn't quiver.

I didn't muster all my courage to utter the next word.


a boisterous laugh came from the other end.

When are you coming ???
on Saturday.

which year ???now it was my turn to laugh.
at 6:30 am on 20Th Oct,2007, you can find me on your doorstep.

trust me dad!
should i, considering you are my son. He said with a flick.
i will be there.

And here i am, ready to go.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Beyond the empty Spaces

I write. Though not continuously. There are blank spaces in between the words. An emptiness that doesn’t have continuity… They are white in color. And if you gaze at them with a purpose, they would tell you a million stories…. About me….those blank white spaces. Yet they are necessary evil, the one that completes my sentence because otherwise, as said by one of my friend, the sentence would be incomplete. An incoherency removed by adding uneven emptiness.

Every sentence I begin with on the opening page starts with a capital letter .But sometimes, while on a writing spree, I forget to make them in caps when I start a new line, but text editor, like a guide, tells me to change them now and then…..there are quite many who asks me to change. Just like I sometimes avoid the editor telling me what to make small and what to make big, I simply ignore them. But, yes, I do consider them.

In the end, there is the full stop. The sentences that are churned out, without a second thought, always end with them. And they are so placed with an intention. They complete the meaning….. Sometimes the confusion. But I decide where to place them; after all, it’s me who decides my life.