Monday, July 16, 2007

This is us.....

I got drenched in the summer rain. With soaked shoes I climbed the stair towards my den.

On the top of the door it was written S1 in blue on the light brown plaster shade, the plaster from the side walls were going off. I should inform the land lady about it, I thought.

It’s locked. Where are the others? In the office?? Nah …..Partying? May be

I turned to the opposite flat ‘S4’, without any mercy, pressed the calling bell. I could hear a chair being pushed back and the slacked sound of a lazy feet coming to the door step.

“Keys uncle.” I say with a little respect and warm smile, you know why? He is the spy our land lady has arranged for keeping an eye on our “business”.

He already had the key which he gives me in haste so that he won’t miss the never-ending-soap that he was watching. And even before I say my rare ‘thank you’, the door just closes with a bang.

It’s the same pair of keys that our land lady gave to us 2 years back. She, then, had asked to replace the godrej lock, which still is guarding our fort faithfully .I smirk.

The doors open with creaky sound and into darkness I enter. Oh! It’s so beautiful.
With fumbling wet hands I search for the master switch and turn it on. Again I am safe, I didn’t get electrocuted.

The light after darkness blinded me for second then I adjust myself to the reality. The messy reality. I dont have to switch on any switch, every thing has been on from yesterday night.

I throw my shoes to dunes in the corner, way far from the shoe rack. Chaos is beautiful. In that mountain of shoes, it would take me at least 10 min to find the right pair. For the pair socks, I am thankful that there is no rule that we should wear a matching pair.

Neatly pressed clothes lay on the floor adjacent to door, the ones in the bottom is already getting dirty, but since we are adamant about giving a daily 1 hr task to our maid I don’t complain. I remove my wet clothes and recollect the day I was born and again come back to civilized world by putting on my boxers. The curtain to the next building was still open. Yes, it’s a free show.

The old coffee mug promoted ash tray lay on the floor with hundred and one cigarette stubs in it. I search for the TV remote. We love to archive our belongings on the table so that we don’t have to search anywhere else. I begin my search. Yester newspaper, magazines, id cards, watches, CDs, resumes, novels, cigarette packs….and finally a group of remotes for the all the electronic gadgets present in working/non working state… I delicately take TV one with both my hands, I don’t want to disrupt the equilibrium, because it works according to its mercy. I jam my fingers on the red button and wait. Nothing happens. I tap first gently and then when it fails, bang violently. No batteries. I curse my roomies. One after another, all the remotes are opened – no batteries. Should I buy one? Nah…..anyway it’s the time for them to come, I check the clock which stopped at 11:00 am a year way back. Reason: no batteries. I smile.

I turn back to the only thing that works without any hiccups (at present) – the speaker and the Ipod.

“In the end…..” Linkin park says our state loud and clear.

Welcome to bachelors world!