Monday, April 23, 2007

See no more.....

I didn’t want to drive.

I wanted to be a pillion.

My bike first grunted to the inexperienced hands of my friend but then every wild animal can be Tamed and it so happened with my Bike.

Chilled breeze flew from the beach to the highway side: its going to rain, I could smell its
arrival. To make my 'unstable' equilibrium stable, I held my arms in crossed position
on his shoulder.

Then I closed my eyes.

It was a strange feeling, a feeling of not lost but in search, a feeling of complacent but for a long time, a feeling of just about to fall but into infinity

I didn’t know where I was going.

I didn’t know what would happen in the next second.

I didn’t know if somebody who knew would give me a smile of recognition.

I didn’t know whether we took a wrong turn or not.

What I did know is that somewhere the journey is going to end and I will get down safely.

Only with this belief I sat behind, waiting for the stop to come.