Wednesday, March 29, 2006

GRE - Ghostly ride entrusted

March 23,2006 - not like just another day . It was or might be the D day of my life. I gave my GRE on this wonderful day. Somewhere in the ETS site its not said to be there at the test centre half an hour before the appointment time - and as usual i was there not just half an hour before but a more than that. I was of the fear that i might missthe GRE bus if late but in the end i did miss it by around 80 pts .
It was 4 hours ordeal and i havent taken any test for that much time in my life but for one time(i believe ) its fun. The first session was writing about an Issue for which i gave a lucid and long writing of around 650 words now if there is point reduction for the essay being lengthy then i might loose some . The second session was more interesting than the first one . As i am always best in analysing the arguement i gave a decent shot about why i would end up having a low score in this session. Maths was always my favourite and it never ever have ditched me . The standard of the questions were of CAT and i was literally sweating in that Air conditioned room. At one point of time i thought why i took GRE itself i could have done with the CAT . Then it became all foggy and i was in a transcended state. From then on i didnt have any problem marking the bubbles you know why ? because i still remembered 'inky pinky ponky, father had a donkey,.........' . I dont know when i finished it and suddenly the verbal section started. Even if i had the OXFORD Dictionary besides me i would still have marked the wrong answer . But the twist in the tale was that i was able to answer it most of them ( rather i think i answered them correctly) . I was just cruising along then the a long paragraph poped up in front : - a reading Comphrension , this thing you not only need to read but also to comprehend , I bet on my life even the author of these didnt have a clue thats why they gave us to COMPREHEND. If any GRE guy is looking for anyone of these kind i got a clue of where to find them - Look out for any national level mental asylum . The ordeal extended for 20 min more and then it ended in subdued manner. Like 'THE END' part comes for a movie the score submission part came, i thought for a sec 'i dont know about the writing, i screwed up the quant, i am looser in the verbal(even though it was better than ever) should i ??" my index finger guided itself to the enter key and alas i had done it .
I scored 1320/1600 540/800 - verbal 780/800 -Quant. Now dont ask me how it happened . Thats why i still holds my golden rule ' Never expect anything' - Ghostly ride thus came to its finale. And i quietly left the room, may be some university would accept me, as a NITian with a flare to dare and shake things . The journey however rusty wont end here. right??

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Every month or so there is this big blast which takes you on the toes and shoot upward-its the install time. Every sopware proffessionals nightmare and a reason for a nightout !!!! For me today is that D day.For last couple of days i am going at wee hours with just having butterflies in the stomach of expecting whats there for me tomorrow!!!
When IBM says that line"change of plan" it makes me think whats this ON DEMAND business. you DEMAND from the other end(ONSITE) and plans go CHANGING at the other end(OFFSHORE) - nice jargon and good ad too but concept..... kills the already flagging and paltry guy . But everybody say change is inevitable and insensitve too according to me. i dont know why my mind goes over and over to the change of plan . I change a lot and still in search of my self ah .... i got it ... you are crazy ya maan who is not??? and all these changes what would they do ultimately make - a demented moron who nods his head for whosever.
Finally the change has arrived and i got to do it by EOD ( another idiotic sopware term, i think it should be EOYD-End of your Day!!!). And then you slog your ass till it get warm and round for what ??? may be a couple of buck but other end what you loose - a walk in the beach with girl beside ,a chat with your buddy , a lunch with your old mates in Dhaaba ...etc. All these are now dreams, once upon a time i was like that and now ?? ya man ..another mail just poped up another change of plan i guess!!!!