Monday, January 15, 2007

On the Stage with Signs

I believe in miracles.
when hope ends,miracles happens and then it creates a new saga.

"Next team is synergy, please come on the stage.." the coordinator for Dumb chrades bellowed.
Three most smartest chaps of our batch went on to the stage. The coordinator uttered something in the third guy's ears .He had to show it to second guy who would be sitting with his back on to first guy. Now the rule was, after the second guys gets what the third guy is showing, he needs to face the first and make him say what the coordinator said. The round was called dumb-dumbc.

The third guy was acting out something, with a ciphered text known only to his mate. The encryption was so strong that the audience of 60 odd people sat dumb folded in that auditorium at 11:30 in the night. They were watching the future literary champions of the coming 3 years.

Suddenly the second guy got up with an exhilaration and went to the first guy. The tension of the third was visible, he didnt know whether he conveyed it correct or not. But before the cordinator could give the first warning bell. They blurted it out - "1857- first war of independence".

They had done it in 1 min 45 sec. now the event standing were:
1st Daredevils .
2nd pirates of caribeans
3rd Synergy
4th Three of us - "thats us!!!!"

"Its over dude" my friend told to me with a tone of disappointment. "they study well, they are the good and dutiful sons of their parents and so the god gives them all and what are we..just a bunch of hoogligans, we deserve to loose we are loosing to some good team" My friend uttered so that only myself and our other team member could hear.

Just then Maheshwari from the pirates gave me sneer. I knew the meaning. we had to do this round in 54 second to be at least third. And if we dont, well wait for another one more year and beat all the 60 teams or more that came this year from different parts of the country.

" B!! remember the codes right ..independence struggle and related - Gandhi, wars- planes, assasinations - A gun......" my third mate tried to remind me.
"err....ya man i know....." i thought we should run away now.

"Now the last team for this competetion and this final, Three of us...please come on stage"

My heart started pounding ."72...80...90...oh god its going to burst" I thought. I was the first one to get the incident from the mouth of the cordinator. I had to enact this to my first team member who by now was staring on to my face.

As soon as i got the topic from the coordinator. I came in front my first interpreter and jumped - meaning its a sitter and think low (dont break your head!!!) . I hunched back and started to walk

He laughed at me and stood up and raced to final interpreter. Showed the same sequence to him.
"Dandi march" My friend screamed.

"Yessssss" i screamed.

"Guys ," Three of Us" just made a new record- They did this in 11 seconds which means we now have our results"

1st Daredevils .
2nd Three of Us
3rd pirates of caribeans

Daredevils were a final year team. It was their last time on the stage . From a point of no hope, we came back and created a whole new order. It was Three of Us all the way for the next three years.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dear God,

First let me congratulate (again) for creating this wonderful world. More wishes for creating a masterpiece like me. That apex creativity always radiates from me. I mean how you put all those complexities in me like a cough at sharp 11 pm then a sneeze at 1:00 am ,getting up at 7 am( whatever time I sleep) etc . I always try my programs to be perfect like yours but alas I am not you.

You must have been very busy in the last year with all those terrorist activities going around in the name of you and your foreign policies. I wonder how you are able to play from both sides of the chess board, I find it rather boring. Moving from the global arena my personal playground, even though you didn’t do a great job in 2006, but more or less it wasn’t a bad year. I met a whole lot of people and closely got associated with some funny, some weird, some social, some kewl and some great people, thanks for making my destiny to meet them.

Well then what else, hope you will make the 2007 a great year . Please refrain from making any sort of confusion as it may indirectly harm me as I am working on this tight rope industry of softwares. Oops forgot to ask “ How are you ?”

Your creation,