Tuesday, February 28, 2006

And Finally......
And finally i have done what my mum has been asking for quite some time - i bought the table. Now it would be another story whether i would be going to study on it. But proving all my critics wrong i got up in the morning and started my 'mugging' well not bad considering the fact that last time i got up at 5 o clock in the morning was around 4 years back - i dont know why i broke my sleep that day but god when are you going to reimburse that wee hours for me???
people say the world has gone 'mobile' but i am trying to become immobile and you know what its best not to have a mobile in your hand, reasons for it - a million, you dont get unnecessary phone calls like from your boss, from your GF etc.... well if you do want one at the cost of not actually posessing it make a friend who will be your bridge to the 'mobile' world.

Friday, February 24, 2006

The Friday Fever

Today is friday, what am i going to do after 6. Jasu has gone home for his bro marriage: hope he doesnt end up tying a knot over there. so that entertainment gone . so whats next...ummm yupie ...i will cover half the word list today and tomorrow morning the analogy session. Oh god! right now itself i am havng rumbles in stomach, hardly a month to go and then ......no ..that will seal my fate of what i would become.

I am have been dreaming a lot about what would happen to me in the end. I believe in moving ahead and being stranded and stagnent here makes me very much obsifucated, you know why ? because i know what i want but i dont have the will to follow it . Its a perfect paradise for me still i live like in hell with nightmares of failures around and swaying accross my feet now and then .
i know my time will come but right now if you ask me i am tiried of waiting .

but what to do ? JUST WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey my colleague is peeping in ...let me finish it off.....

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pressure of doing nothing

yup...i am doing nothing . Just sitting like a lame duck on this cozy chair of mine. Being a sopware professional i just have to know how to Copy-Paste- thanks Bill, I admire you the most for that particular utility of yours.

Its been arond 8 months since i have got out of the college but still i feel its warmth and care. I am so missing it all. Even there i was doing nothing in the final sem but even that nothingness didnt have any pressure!!!!

when you are thrown at the so called life suddenly you starts to think what you need from it . For me i am still in that on going process.....i care a little about the money and all the other wordly thing, that doesnt mean i am not a human yup a human with a care for nothing.

Today is friday and all i am waiting for is to get out of this wretched place. well 4 more hours to go. and then bingo!!! its off for two days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!