Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Broken Promises.

Promises are meant to be broken. And he broke one again.

He called her.

May be he shouldn't have called, but he had to hear that voice one last time, before she was somebody else.

He didn't had to remember the number, only forgotten needs to be remembered.

As the ring went on the other side, he prayed that she never pick it up, because whatever he prayed for.... never happened.

Her voice hadn't changed, he could see those line
s across the lips while saying that,he didnt have to see her, for she was always there.

"Hello!" he said, he didn't quiver.

"Do you recognize me?" what an absurd question!!

After a brief pause " is it Sid?" she asked.

He started counting the years..... 4 in this May and still she remembers,........ and all these years he thought only he didn't forget.