Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Memories. Can they be washed away?

Like sands on the shore, cast away into the depths of sea. Never to return, or to return when least expected. But in the face of millions of such particles, can a single grain standout? Eclipsing all others that lie besides it.

Shades of black and brown interleaving and interluding and laying like one, yet can it be possible while the foot leaves an impression of your existence on them, that one grain of sand calls you. Echoing in the silence of cathedral that you created by blocking every other sweet nuisance of life. This violation of sanctum is what memories bring in. And precisely the thing that I like to cast away where nobody can find.

"As long as time flows forward, the future which we are so mesmerized by is nothing but an untouched past". I read these lines somewhere and I feel sorry that I don't remember. Remembering something that needs to be remembered is the greatest boon and bane of man. Fact that you need to forget to move forward makes you wonder because you are forced to remember that you need to forget it. That is the boon but fact that you need to remember makes it all the more difficult to forget. That is the bane. A perfect example of Godel's strange loop.

Life moves in circles. No beginnings and no ends. Once forgotten will always come back and soon will be forgotten again. Steps of many, motioned in unison, to a unknown symphony guiding just to path ahead. Only to remind, that, you passed through the same years before.

Memories. Can they be washed away ?

A note: The song included was the inspiration behind this post. In my arrogant attempt to learn a language every six months, I came across this beautiful song in a movie called Gitanjali. Superb rendition by SPB and melodious Hamsanadam raaga by Tyagaraja forced me to vent out my hazy emotions. Pardon me (to all those who read it) :P