Monday, November 05, 2007

Psychogenic syncope

They said in hushed voice ‘she is going to be the topper; she has been doing it for the last 4 years’ ……Some say that she can finish a complete denture in less than an hour’

The door creaked to register its protest when she pushed it.

On the other end sat the 3 almighty. The famous trinity.

She was not new to this but every time was a first time for her. A first time that she would never get used to.

They gave the courtesy smile – an invitation to a massacre.

So…Ms Mehta how did your practical go?

It was Ok...Sirrrrr

Hmmm… I see that from your reading. Did you know the eyetooth was having a growth of more than 5mm ?

To err is human but to forgive is monstrosity!

Did you take the reading or you just wrote it out of thin air!! The ‘r’ of ‘air’ reverberated throughout.

I am not able to breath, I am seeing multiple personalities, are there 3 or 6? Why is this colorful ring coming in my eyes….

HOLD HER ..!!! Somebody shouted.

Time ticked away like a snail.
She opened her eyes slowly…

I think she prepared too much….

Please lie down..dont try to get up…

I… am …ok sir …. . With cluttered hand and that seemed like not supporting she got up . ( somehow ….!!)

Umm….sir …can you repeat the question.

Which one…oh…that eh ….never mind… don’t have to give your viva…we know you are good..if you are ok you can leave now….or if you want you lie down here for some more time…..

Uh…I am ok sir…..but….the viva….

No..Ms Mehta…we understand.

Slowly like a wounded beggar she move her feet towards the door.
Your last time can sometimes be worse than the last time. And numbers always doesn’t speak the truth…