Saturday, March 26, 2016

Found in Padua

I took this picture while strolling through the streets of Padua. It is a small town  some 40 kms away from Venice. I saw somebody taking this shot. So like a robber, I sneaked into the position and took this shot.

While I was taking this picture, I thought it would be very good as it is.

After spending few minutes there, I moved on. I wandered across the streets of Padua and then got back to my hotel with an overtly aching pair of legs. I fell into deep sleep soon.

Few days later, once back home, I processed this photo. What came out of it was a mediocre photograph.  I was first annoyed at my own photography skills. I have been lazy in taking my camera out. Apparently, a DSLR has become too heavy for me. So I stopped clicking pictures. Pictures wherein i used to weave my words to express the world that I used to see. I started forgetting stories along with words, faces, music, hobbies, people, voices and many more. I do not why.

But when I closely observed the image, I found it to be beautiful. Much much beautiful than I initially thought it would be. I was slowly getting back what I had lost or started loosing.

To me it is perfect. And something so perfect that I wonder whether I clicked it. I am happy that I clicked it. I am happy that I saw that person clicking that picture. I am happy that I followed the sweet kid who was going to get an ice cream. I am happy that I got that ice cream. I am happy that I conversed with that old Italian lady at the ice cream shop in French. I am happy that she laughed and made me laugh and then fed me more icecream for less. I am happy that I stumbled upon parc de Velle from there, which was beautiful.

I understood that I have to click more. Because it leads me to me whom I lost for some time. 


Anonymous said...

True. A picture is as pretty as the memory behind it. Otherwise, you are competing with NatGeo :P

BaKfIrE said...

hehe..i liked the NatGeo comment!