Thursday, April 21, 2016

Unsaid Intentions

F: Hi!
H: Hello..
F: What is up ?
H: Nothing much. Working in the lab.
F: So late?
H: We researchers work late. We have to.
F: So did you think about it?
H: Yes. I am a very simple guy. Wants to have very simple life and do simple things in life.
F: hehe...i am not that complex
H: Ya ya, I am a small town boy and you from a big city. I understand things.
F: lol
F: No i am not like that. But yes I do like to party and all.
H: See..
F: You dont like to ?
H: Not much
F: I feel like drinking today and then go for sleep.
H: hmm....
F: You don't drink no?
H: No. I don't drink coffee or tea also.
F: Never?
H: may be once in a blue moon. But thats it.
F: lol!!
H: We are village people, we don't know the ways of city.
F: lol!!
F: Listen can we meet sometime? It is been due for so long!
H: I am bit busy..
F: Everyday ?
H: Not everyday but yes, I work late.
F: What about this weekend?
H: Not possible, I will be in the lab.
F: What about dinner tomorrow then ?
H: fast ? :P


Anonymous said...

What next??

BaKfIrE said...

Oh they are together now :)