Thursday, April 28, 2016

Random nights

Beyond what there is, there is more. And sometimes even more.
What I eyes don't see. Yet visible enough, in a shade and in a language which only heart can  understand.

Cold breeze from the port mouth ran its icy fingers, to freeze thoughts which, now, come as random guesses. Or are they? 

Under the bus stop sign, the man in black jacket stood. His impatience engraved on  his pale forehead. May be for the bus that was late or may be for the baby who waited for him, back at home. Or may be just like that. 

Another set of icy fingers touched and shivers ran again. Hood of the black jacket, covered his unshaven face. He has been waiting for before we came. May be he will come in the same as mine. From the distant horizon, the yellow lights of the bus became visible. It was speeding towards us, as if its sole purpose is to meet us.

My friend gave me a  bisou and we parted. I walked towards the bus, expecting what the man in black jacket would do.

As I boarded the bus, I paused for a second, like giving a way for the man in black jacket to enter. But he didn't. The bus started to move. I saw him standing there with the same worried expression.

For few minutes, I racked my brains for the multiple reason about his expression. There were plenty but none seemed to fit exactly into the situation.

It was time for the Holmes to retire. I sat down and watched the shimmering lights pass by as the bus sped towards Redon.


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